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Ukraine importing 170 MW of Russian electricity, with 2% duty — government official

The electricity imports began in a pilot mode and subject to prepayment, according to the exporter

KIEV, October 22. /TASS/. Electricity supplies from Russia to Ukraine amount to 170 MW and are subject to the 2% duty, presidential envoy to the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers Andrei Gerus said on Tuesday.

"Total imports [Slovakia, Hungary, Russia and Belarus] are about 750 MW. Exports [Hungary and Moldova] total 600 MW. Imports from Russia equal 170 MW, this is less than 1% of the capacity during the daily maximum of our consumption. Imports from Russia are subject to the 2% duty," Gerus said in Facebook.

The wholesale electricity price in Ukraine slightly declined and import supplies are among factors contributing to that, he said.

Ukrainian mass media reported in early October referring to the national energy system operator Ukrenergo that Ukraine resumed electricity imports from Russia. The Russian energy company Inter RAO confirmed this piece of information, saying that the company started electricity exports in a pilot mode and subject to prepayment.

In 2014-2015, Ukraine imported electricity from Russia due to shortage of the capacity in the national energy system, coal deficit on thermal power plants, failures in power units of nuclear power plants and challenging weather conditions in winter season. Ukraine did not import electricity since 2016.