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Russian top brass shows footage of T-72 tank that eliminated 60 nationalists, mercenaries

According to the agency, during the special military operation, he eliminated 11 tanks, four pickup trucks, an armored personnel carrier

MOSCOW, September 17. /TASS/. The Russian Defense Ministry has revealed the footage of combat operations of a T-72 tank that eliminated over 15 military vehicles and more than 60 nationalists, including foreign mercenaries, during Russia’s special operation.

"The stars on our tank represent the eliminated enemy’s tanks. During the special military operation we destroyed 11 tanks, 4 pickup trucks, an armored personnel carrier and over 60 nationalists, including foreign citizens," junior sergeant Ilyaz Yunusov said in the video published on Saturday.

The Russian military agency noted that the tank crew from Bashkortostan continues to implement tasks helping the residents of Donbass.