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Peacekeepers may ensure truce in east Ukraine — DPR first vice-premier

Nobody can even ensure safety for the OSCE mission members on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian side, DNR First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Purgin says

DPR representatives and Ukrainian security forces coordinated the biggest part of a demarcation line between the conflicting parties in eastern Ukraine, DPR First Vice-Premier Ravil Khalikov told TASS on Monday. “The talks are continuing. An agreement has been reached on the majority of points where the demarcation line will be set up,” Khalikov said.

The army and militias should reach agreement, he added. “The main thing is that both parties — Ukrainian troops and the DPR militias — will come to final agreement,” Khalikov said.

The Contact Group on Ukraine in Minsk on September 20 signed a memorandum on a ceasefire. The document consists of nine points, including the prohibition of the use of all kinds of weapons and withdrawal of weapons 15 km away from the line of fighting by both sides. The OSCE monitors the compliance with the memorandum.