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Massive rally in support of Russia, against NATO held in northern Italy

Another rally under similar slogans is scheduled for Sunday in Naples

GENOA /Italy/, October 22. /TASS/. About 200 people came to Piazza De Ferrari in Genoa, Italy’s port city on the Ligurian coast, on Saturday to protest against anti-Russian sanctions, NATO and arms supplies to Kiev.

"The rally is held in support of Italy’s exit from NATO, against sanctions and all the economic and military atrocities to which we are forced to comply; it was organized to denounce Italy’s foreign policy, which we see as absolutely devastating for us," a member of the association Free Square Genoa, which organized the demonstration, told TASS.

He underscored that the initiative was "against any support - political, military and economic - for the Kiev regime, as well as against the fact that Italy’s foreign policy is shaped in Washington and Brussels, but not in Rome."

According to the activist, the new Italian government will continue to abide by the foreign policy previously carried out by Mario Draghi.

"I am skeptical. I do not think that Rome’s position on Russia may change," he said.

Italy’s new prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, has repeatedly assured that her government will uphold national interests, but will simultaneously adhere to the EU and NATO line, especially in relations with Moscow.

The rally organizers unfurled a large banner that read: "Freedom to Peoples, Free Italy from US and EU Domination.’ Some participants brought Russian flags. The Italians who attended the rally complained to TASS about "one-sided news coverage" of the Ukraine conflict in the local media, as well as about energy bill hikes "triggered by managers in Brussels."

Another rally under similar slogans is scheduled for Sunday in Naples.