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SpaceX launches German military reconnaissance satellite aboard Falcon-9 rocket

The rocket blasted off at 07:19 local time (17:19 in Moscow)

NEW YORK, June 18. /TASS/. SpaceX on Saturday launched a Falcon-9 rocket carrying a reconnaissance satellite for the German military.

The launch from the US Vandenberg Space Force Base in California was broadcast on the company’s website.

The rocket blasted off at 07:19 local time (17:19 in Moscow). Eight minutes after the liftoff the booster stage automatically landed back on the launch pad. That booster was earlier used in two other launched by SpaceX.

The SARah-1 satellite was developed by Airbus on behalf of the German armed forces. Two similar satellites are expected to be sent into orbit later. The new satellites will replace the outdated German SAR-Lupe system.