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Belarusian-Russian Union to be stronger and more advanced than EU — Lukashenko

The Belarusian president also recalled that Belarus takes part in various integration associations

MINSK, December 13. /TASS/. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has said that he is convinced that the Union of Belarus and Russia will be much stronger, more balanced and advanced than the European Union.

"This union will be more advanced and more stable. First, because we will take into account the European Union’s mistakes in order to avoid them. And we will use its positive practices," he said in an interview with Turkey’s TRT broadcaster, which was cited by Belarus’ BelTA agency on Monday.

"Second, we originated from a common state - from the Soviet Union, and many practices were tested there. We know what we can use from the Soviet past and what will be useless. That is why it will be a stronger, more balanced and more advanced union," he stressed.

The Belarusian president also recalled that his country takes part in various integration associations. "Three integration associations were organized on the post-Soviet space after the collapse of the former Soviet Union," he said, adding that the most advanced of them is the Union State of Belarus and Russia. "It is a close integration association. The second level is the Eurasian Economic Union, and the third level is the Commonwealth of Independent States," he explained. "The degree of integration at these levels is different.".