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Leopardess named after Pamela Anderson gives birth to cub in Russian national park

The US actress says "she's thrilled for Pamela"

VLADIVOSTOK, October 30. /TASS/. A female Amur leopard named after US actress and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson has been caught on camera traps in a national park in Russia’s Far Eastern Primorye region accompanied by a cub.

The leopardess, previously codenamed as Leo-38F, lives in the national park "Land of the Leopard" near the Chinese border. This feline gets into camera traps several times in a half a year.

According to the national park’s photo monitoring data, this cub was the leopardess Pamela’s firstling.

"Apparently, the female leopard is a very good mother, carefully guarding her cub. This skill is essential for preserving the rare animal population," director of the national park, Tatyana Baranovskaya, said.

US actress and member of the Advisory Council of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Pamela Anderson became the guardian of the four-year-old female Amur leopard in December 2015 at a ceremony in the Kremlin.

Russian Presidential Envoy for Environmental Protection, Ecology and Transport Sergey Ivanov and Natural Resources Minister Sergey Donskoy let the actress know about the nature of the rare leopardess and the measures for protecting it. The movie star took a liking to the graceful leopardess and named her after herself - Pamela.

"I am thrilled for Pamela. That she has become a mother - the most beautiful gift - that keeps giving. I’m excited to hear this and thank IFAW, Sergey Ivanov, Amur Leopard and the Russian government for their commitment to repopulating and protecting the fragile leopard community in Russia. This is incredible news," Pamela Anderson said, according to her press service.