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Policeman killed in armed attack on traffic police station near Moscow — source

The police killed two attackers

MOSCOW, August 17. /TASS/. Police killed two armed men who opened fire at a traffic police station in the township of Balashikha 20 kilometers to the east of Moscow, the Russian Investigative Committee said on Wednesday.

"Two policemen were wounded in the shootout. One of them is in a serious condition," the committee spokesman stated. "The attackers had firearms and axes. One of them was shot dead by the police during the assault and the other was killed while resisting arrest."

Irina Volk, a spokesperson for the Russian Interior Ministry, told TASS that the suspects killed in the clash were from Central Asia.

She added that no civilians were wounded in the attack.

A police source told TASS that other attackers managed to escape by car.

"One of them could have been wounded during the shootout with police," the source indicated.

Moscow law enforcement has launched a special operation to detain the attackers.

"The attackers all wore beards and their clothes are bound to have blood stains," the source pointed out.

Police are investigating the causes of the attack, he added.

Earlier reports claimed that a police officer had been killed.