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Putin: Foreign fans and bloggers dispel myths about Russia thanks to social media

Vladimir Putin noted the Russians’ warm attitude towards foreign football enthusiasts

MOSCOW, July 6. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has noted that foreign fans have managed to dispel numerous myths about Russia through social media, he said at a meeting with the world’s current football stars.

"These so-called bloggers - people working in social media - helped tear down numerous stereotypes about Russia," the president stressed.

Putin noted Russians’ warm attitude towards foreign football enthusiasts. "Fans from different countries behave differently, but our football fans perceive those who came to root for their teams as friends from the universal football family, and so they are trying to do everything possible to make our guests feel at home in Russia," the head of state emphasized. In his opinion, these foreign guests have the opportunity to learn the culture and traditions of various Russian peoples. Putin was sure that a majority of foreigners would take home pleasant memories from Russia.

The president noted that tens of thousands of football fans who came to Russia have created a special festive atmosphere.