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Level of terrorist threat to be lowered in Russia’s Volgograd region January 13

VOLGOGRAD, January 10. /ITAR-TASS/. The level of terrorist threat in southern Russia’s Volgograd Region will be lowered from the high (yellow) to heightened (blue) level on Monday, January 13.

The decision to this effect was taken at a meeting of the anti-terrorist committee in the city of Volgograd on Friday.

“The blue level of terrorist threat will be introduced from 19:00 Moscow Standard Time on January 13 until 19:00 Moscow Standard Time on January 21,” a representative of the committee told Itar-Tass.


The terrorists staged the suicide bombings at a railway station in the city of Volgograd on December 29 and in a trolleybus on December 30. The terrorist acts claimed the lives of 34 people and wounded more than 70 people.

The blue level of terrorist threat is one of three levels that the Russian president set in his decree devoted to the procedure of setting the levels of terrorist threat that envisage tougher security measures. The highest level is the critical red level.

The blue level envisions reinforced police patrols in the streets, on squares, at stadiums, in the courtyards, parks, highways, railway stations, airports, sea and river ports and at the places of public and major events. This terrorist threat level also envisages checks with the use of special equipment and field engineering reconnaissance parties on the main routes of people during public and major events.