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Russian PM wishes Beijing success in building socialism based on China’s uniqueness

The prime minister emphasized that Russia favors better relations with China

BEIJING, October 31. /TASS/. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has wished Chinese President Xi Jinping success in cultivating socialism in accordance with China’s distinctiveness.

"It is obvious that the new challenges put forward by the congress (the 19th congress of the Communist Party of China - TASS) will take a lot of time to be implemented. I mean here, among other things, a shift towards building a new stage of society, that is modern socialism with China’s distinctiveness," the Russian premier said at an online conference with Chinese internet users.

"We realize the importance of such statements and goals, and expect that all that was planned at the congress will be fulfilled. We wish our Chinese friends, the leaders of the Communist Party of China and President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping the utmost success in implementing all of the decisions made by the congress."

Russia favors better relations with China, Medvedev highlighted. "It is clear that we would like to continue the course seen over the recent years for building a comprehensively equal dialogue between our countries and developing a strategic partnership," Medvedev said.

He noted that, in this regard, the decisions made by China’s Communist Party congress testified to the adherence to the earlier set goals, as well as new ones.

"We regard the congress’ decisions as cultivating Russian-Chinese relations, among other things. We think that everything is fine in this area and the prospects set by the congress inspire us," Medvedev said.