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Putin concerned over Catalonia crisis

Vladimir Putin hopes Spain will overcome the crisis

MOSCOW, October 3. /TASS/. Russia is concerned about Spain in connection with the situation with the referendum in Catalonia but hopes it will be possible to overcome the crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the presentation of credentials ceremony on Tuesday.

"Now everyone is discussing the situation around the referendum on Catalonia’s independence. I must admit that we are very much concerned about Spain," Putin said. "However, this is, of course, an internal affair of the Kingdom of Spain. Hopefully, it will possible to overcome the crisis," he stressed.

Putin noted that Russia and Spain have centuries-old relations. This year marks 350 years since the first diplomatic relations between the two countries were established. "Our peoples share feelings of mutual liking and respect. There is every premise for developing the Russian-Spanish cooperation in various areas despite the current political environment," he stressed.