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New Zealand announced another package of anti-Russian sanctions

Sanctions will cover prices on Russian oil and exports of some commodity to Russia and Belarus via third countries

SYDNEY, February 29. /TASS/. New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Winston Peters has announced a new package of anti-Russian sanctions.

According to the document posted on the website of the country’s government, the sanctions will cover prices on Russian oil and exports of some commodity to Russia and Belarus via third countries. The package also includes restrictions against Russian individuals and companies.

"New Zealand has sanctioned a further 61 Russian individuals and entities, including those involved in sanctions evasion procurement networks," the top diplomat said, adding that falling under the sanctions are "those involved in the procurement of weapons from North Korea."

Since February 2022, New Zealand has imposed 25 packages of sanctions on Russian companies and individuals. A special law was passed by the local parliament to expand possibilities of imposing anti-Russian sanctions.

New Zealand’s blacklists currently include Russian President Vladimir Putin and those who are considered that country’s authorities as his closest mates, as well as all members of the Russian government, all lawmakers of the both houses of Russia’s parliament, governors and heads of Russia’s new regions, and more than 100 businessmen and entrepreneurs. Apart from that, restrictions cover 230 Russian organizations, 19 financial institutions, including the Bank of Russia, 37 media companies and journalists, 15 members of the Russian Central Elections Commission, 1,245 individuals and 455 companies and government agencies in all.

New Zealand has also imposed a 35-percent tariff on imports of all goods from Russia (in force until 2025) and banned imports of Russian gold, oil, gas, coal, and luxury goods.