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Putin: Migration issues get more transparent in Russia, but risks remain in place

The Russian president dubbed the migration issue as sensitive for both society and the economy

MOSCOW, March 3. /TASS/. The inflow of foreign workers to Russia should be resolved in accordance with real needs of the economy and based on the protection of Russian citizens’ interests in the labor market, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Interior Ministry board on Wednesday.

He dubbed the migration issue as sensitive for both society and the economy.

"The situation has become more orderly and more transparent in this field, and the effectiveness of legislative regulation has increased," Putin said noting that "risks still remain in place, including the infiltration of crime into the environment of labor migrants."

The Russian president called on the Interior Ministry to carry on with a balanced and responsible approach to admission of foreign workers to Russia, and "to focus on the real needs of the national economy," while protecting the interests of Russian nationals in the labor market first and foremost.

"The whole activity of labor migrants should be conducted in strict compliance with legislation of the Russian Federation and generally recognized international norms," Putin said.

Violators - both among the employees and employers - "should receive the punishment they deserve," the president emphasized.