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Russia to demand explanations from Berlin concerning Nazi concentration camp guard Berger

Moscow welcomed the US Department of Justice’s decision to deport the Nazi persecutor

MOSCOW, February 26. /TASS/. Moscow will demand explanations from Berlin over the situation involving Nazi criminal Friedrich Berger, who after deportation from the United States was not remanded in custody in Germany, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a news briefing on Friday.

"According to the available information Friedrich Berger has been receiving a pension in Germany that is based in part on his military service during World War II. Upon arrival in Germany he was questioned, but not taken into custody. According to media reports citing the German prosecutor’s office, the case against the former Nazi was terminated due to lack of evidence," Zakharova said. "Russia is going to demand clarifications from the German authorities concerning the Friedrich Berger case and the official charges that must be brought against him. Atrocities by Nazi butchers and their henchmen have no statute of limitations. This is a fundamental position of ours."

Zakharova said Russia welcomed the US Department of Justice’s decision to deport Berger.

The US judicial authorities last year made a decision in favor of Berger’s deportation because he was "an armed guard of concentration camp prisoners in the Neuengamme Concentration Camp system (Neuengamme)" and "an active participant in one of the darkest chapters in human history."

Last week Der Spiegel magazine said the United States had expelled Berger to Germany.