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Syrian hackers attack Finnish amusement park website

Syrian Electronic Army placed footage of war and a message to attract attention

HELSINKI, June 24. /ITAR-TASS reporter Nina Burmistrova /. Syrian hackers from among the rebels advocating the overthrow of the existing government have hacked the website af the amusement park Flowpark located in the Finnish city of Turku, and placed there footage of the ongoing war in Syria, as reported today by СТТ news agency.

According to reports, hackers have also published on the website a message in English and Arabic on a black background. The hackers wrote that by doing so they "want to appeal to the international community and to attract the attention of other governments to human rights violations in Syria and to the fact that the lives of Syrian children are in danger." Under the appeal they have placed video with footage of explosions and shootings.

Presently, the appeal has been removed from the site, work is underway to restore its former appearance.

Hackers from the Syrian Electronic Army have previously hacked the application of British broadcaster Sky for Android. They replaced the channel logo by their own, as well as descriptions of the programs – by the phrase "here was the Syrian Electronic Army ". The Syrian Electronic Army has also previously hacked websites of such media as BBC, The Guardian, Financial Times and French news TV channel France 24.

They are notorious for breaking the AP account in Twitter and posting a false tweet that President Barack Obama was wounded in the blasts at the White House.