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Russia replaces Ukraine on global grain market — EU’s Borrell

EU High Representative said that Russia makes a lot of money. It makes more revenue from the export

BRUSSELS, October 1. /TASS/. Russia gradually replaces Ukraine as an exporter of grain to the global market, receiving a significant income, EU High Representative Josep Borrell said in a video address, published on his X page.

Posing against a destroyed building - presumably in the port of Odessa, Borrell said that "Russia makes a lot of money. It makes more revenue from the export. It is also an economic war - Russia is trying to substitute Ukraine as a grain exporter, by taking a bigger share of the world market."

Borrel reiterated EU’s old claims that the cessation of the Black Sea grain deal, which was caused by Brussel’s total ignoring of Russia’s demands, allegedly leads to a lack of grain in the poorest countries. Previously, the Russian Foreign Ministry disseminated the statistics on the true beneficiaries of the grain deal: EU countries receive 40% of Ukrainian grain, shipped via the Black sea, while the poorest countries received less than 3% of it.