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Putin thanks Russian Armed Forces for courageously fighting terrorists in Syria

The country’s Aerospace Force "played the leading role in defeating the strongest units of international terrorists," according to the president

BALASHIKHA, December 22. /TASS/. The Russian Armed Forces have been courageously and effectively fighting terrorists in Syria, President Vladimir Putin said at the Defense Ministry’s board meeting.

"I would like to start by expressing gratitude to those military servicemen who took part in the operation against terrorists in Syria. I would like to thank all the Armed Forces personnel. While fighting against international terrorism, which is a global threat, our soldiers and officers showed great courage and high professional skills, proving that the Russian Army’s capability has grown immensely," he said.

According to the Russian leader, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the country’s Aerospace Force "played the leading role in defeating the strongest units of international terrorists."Putin noted that "in fact, it was not just a terrorist group but a whole terrorist army, well-organized, trained and armed, which directly threatened our country and the entire world," he added.

Putin also said that Russian and Syrian troops had managed to liberate almost all of the Syrian territory from militants, saving hundreds of thousands of lives, preserving the Syrian statehood and paving the way for the process of resolving the domestic Syrian conflict peacefully.

"Without a doubt, our army and navy deserve an A," Putin said, adding that Russia would do everything in order to support the families of military servicemen who died during the Syrian operation. "We will always remember our brothers in arms who died protecting Russia and its people. Our human and moral duty is to support their families. The government and their fellow servicemen will do every possible effort for that," Putin said suggesting that a minute of silence should be observed in the memory of those killed.

"I would like to once again thank the command and all the Armed Forces personnel for their achievements," Putin concluded. "I expect that each and every one of you will continue faithfully serving our country and its people," the Russian president concluded.