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Rosatom to create ammunition for Armata tanks

Rosatom had to be commissioned to this part of work as manufacturing ammunition implies "certain specifics"

MOSCOW, February 7. /TASS/. Russia’s nuclear power corporation Rosatom was commissioned to create ammunition for Russia’s new heavy tracked platform-based tank Armata, the CEO of the tank’s designer and manufacturer Uralvagonzavod, Oleg Siyenko, has told TASS.

"We are in the process of test runs in the field and firing practice. We have done a great deal. Currently the focus is on firing practice and it depends on when we have the ammunition from our Rosatom subcontractors," Siyenko said.

He explained that the Rosatom had to be commissioned to this part of work because manufacturing ammunition implies certain specifics.

"It’s related with the caps. Rosatom said it could cope with that program for us. We sincerely help them," he said.

The requirements to be met during the testing keep growing.

"It can go on and on like this without an end. We would like to deliver our products to the armed forces as soon as possible," Siyenko said. "We hope that the army will start operating the new tanks next year at the latest, if not this year."

In the middle of last year Uralvagonzavod deputy CEO Vyacheslav Khalitov said the Armata tanks will begin to be batch-produced in 2018.