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Russia’s advanced MiG-35 fighter jet to use cutting-edge weapons

ll the systems of the MiG-35 aircraft have been developed and produced domestically

MOSCOW, January 26. /TASS/. Russia’s most advanced Mikoyan MiG-35 multipurpose fighter jet will be able to use promising types of armaments, including laser weapons, President of Russia’s Aircraft-Building Corporation Yuri Slyusar said on Thursday.

"The fighter aircraft has been specially designed for warfare amid increased intensity conflicts and highly dense air defense. The available high indicators have been achieved thanks to a set of onboard equipment mounted on the plane along with a new optical location system and radar signature reduced by several times," he said.

"We have increased the number of weapons bay points from six to eight, which allows using both current and promising types of airborne destruction means, including laser weapons," he said at a meeting of the military and industrial commission in a report to the Russian president.

All the systems of the MiG-35 aircraft have been developed and produced domestically, including inertial systems and helmet-mounted target designation systems, he added. 

"The serial purchases of the aircraft will start in 2019," Slyusar said.

"The plane has its range increased by more than 50% through the larger capacity of internal tanks and the function of air refueling that can be conducted in the mode of a tanker aircraft from planes of the same family," the head of the United Aircraft-Building Corporation said.

The MiG-35 is Russia’s most advanced 4++-generation multifunctional fighter jet developed on the basis of the serial-produced MiG-29K/KUB and MiG-29M/M2 combat aircraft. The plane can develop a speed of 2.23 Mach and its operational radius exceeds the range of its predecessor MiG-29 by 50%