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Hig-performance anti-drone gun developed in Russia

It is capable of suppressing up to 90% of unmanned aerial vehicles used by the Ukrainian army

MOSCOW, October 21. /TASS/. Kaysant Company has created an anti-drone gun capable of suppressing up to 90% of unmanned aerial vehicle used by the Ukrainian army, the developer told TASS.

"We have manufactured an anti-drone gun with a different form factor, more customary for ordinary people, in the form of a gun that can be hanged over the shoulder. The product is operating in seven frequency bands and is capable of suppressing a high percentage of drones - up to 90% of the ones used by the adversary in the special operation zone. This refers to any commercial drones, fixed-wing drones and FPV drones," Kaysant said.

"Seven frequency band sis the objective maximum existing to date. There are items abroad, if we take China, that are operating in larger frequency ranges but there are not present in the Russian market so far. These are the seven bands used for flying by the majority of drones. Certainly, there are machines flying at staggered frequencies and other items of equipment are being made to suppress them. Therefore, we cannot say we suppress 100% of drones - we suppress the majority of drones," the company said.