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Kiev troops use Grad MRLS more frequently to shell Donetsk — DPR colonel

It is reported that most often, Ukrainian troops use long-range weapons and multiple rocket launchers

MOSCOW, December 8./TASS/. Ukrainian troops are using Grad multiple rocket launch systems with increasing frequency to shell Donetsk in order to increase the area of damage, Colonel Andrey Bayevsky of the DPR People’s Militia said on Thursday.

"The largest number of strikes are carried out against the central districts of Donetsk from the direction of Avdeyevka, for which the Grad multiple rocket launchers have been used increasingly frequently over the past week. <...> The task of this weapon is not to hit any precise targets and to inflict fire damage on separately standing facilities or on the front line and real military targets. Fundamentally, these kinds of weapons are used for strikes over an area," the colonel told the Solovyov Live TV channel.

Most often, Ukrainian troops use long-range weapons and multiple rocket launchers. "This shows that now they no longer have the ability to use artillery weapons [of smaller caliber] and mortars to attack the frontline zone," he stated. "These firing positions are no longer safe for them today," Bayevsky said.

Since Monday, the DPR mission to the Joint Control and Coordination Center for issues related to Ukraine’s war crimes has reported 11 strikes on Donetsk with the use of Grad systems. On Tuesday, the Ukrainian military shelled Donetsk with Grad weapons in three episodes, firing a total of 20 rockets. Six people were killed and 14 were injured as a result.