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Russia to complete tests of breakthrough ceramic armor for armored vehicles in early 2021

The armor's advantages are lightness and high resistance to artillery and tank weapons, according to Technodinamika Group CEO

MOSCOW, November 19. /TASS/. Technodinamika Group (part of the state tech corporation Rostec) plans to complete the manufacturer’s trials of the unique ceramic armor for armored vehicles at the beginning of next year, Technodinamika Group CEO Igor Nasenkov told TASS on Thursday.

"The manufacturer’s trials are currently underway. I think they will be completed within 3-4 months," the chief executive said.

The ceramic armor plates are intended to shield armored vehicles, he said. "Our product features such advantages as lightness and big resistance to various artillery and tank weapons," the chief executive noted.

Corundum ceramic armor plates have been developed by the Ufa Aggregate Production Association. Corundum ceramics is a super-hard material produced on the basis of aluminum oxide.