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Russia to complete trials of air defense missile target simulator by autumn

The trials had to be postponed due to the pandemic

IZHEVSK, June 23. /TASS/. The state trials of the Adjutant multi-purpose air defense target training system capable of simulating cruise missiles and drones used by Syrian militants are expected to be completed by the autumn, Director of the Target Systems Project Igor Ivanov told TASS on Tuesday.

"This year, we are planning to complete the trials, in September, I believe, and [then we are planning] to switch over to signing contracts with the Defense Ministry. We could have completed the trials earlier but had to postpone them due to the pandemic and literally two points have to be formalized and simply we were unable physically to do it on time," Ivanov said.

The time of concluding the first contracts depends on the Defense Ministry. The final price of the missile target simulators has not been determined yet, he added.

TASS reported in March that the latest target simulator was undergoing trials at the 4th state central multiservice proving ground.

The Adjutant multi-purpose target training simulator developed by the Izhevsk-based Kupol enterprise is designated to create a false air target situation. The simulator is unique as it allows exercising control of several multiple-use targets that simulate present-day air attack weapons, including cruise missiles, aircraft and helicopters, from one command post.

The duration of a target’s flight depends on its type. For example, an aircraft-type target with a propeller thrust can stay in the air as long as four hours and a missile-type target with a turbojet engine for up to 30 minutes.