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Top brass to fully deploy 150th motor rifle division in south Russia by yearend

A compound of military structures will emerge, including canteens and arms depots

MOSCOW, August 8. /TASS/. The 150th motorized infantry division stationed in the Rostov Region in south Russia will be completely formed by the year end, Russia’s Southern Military District announced on Thursday.

"With the manning of the motorized infantry regiment by the end of this year, the deployment of the motor rifle division within the 8th all-arms army of the Southern Military District will be completed," the statement reads.

As the press office of the Southern Military District specified, this motor rifle regiment will be deployed in Rostov-on-Don. By the end of the year, work will be completed in one of the districts in Rostov-on-Don to build a compound of military structures: from soldiers’ canteens and the military unit’s headquarters to depots and sheltered places for the storage of armament and military hardware.

Currently, the military command is recruiting all those wishing to enlist for service on contract "in the first military unit stationed in Rostov-on-Don," the press office said.

The news about the formation of the 150th motorized infantry division was announced by Russian Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu on January 14, 2016. The division has inherited the honorary title of the Order of Kutuzov Idritsa-Berlin formation from its predecessor, the 150th rifle division that took part in the WWII Battle of Berlin in 1945.

The newly deployed 150th motorized infantry division is a reinforced military unit that includes, in particular, two armored and two motor rifle regiments. In 2017, the 150th motor rifle division was integrated into the 8th all-arms army in south Russia.