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Russian construction companies to buy equipment in China amid EU sanctions

Before the sanctions Russian building companies mainly worked with Germans, but now European suppliers will be replaced by Chinese ones, president of the Builders Association of Russia says

SHANGHAI, November 28. /TASS/. Russia’s construction industry will buy equipment in China due to the Western sanctions, president of the Builders Association of Russia Nikolay Koshman told TASS on Friday.

“Earlier, Russian companies mainly worked with Germans. However, after the sanctions were imposed, though they do not affect this sphere, we stopped buying German equipment,” he said.

“Now we’re replacing European suppliers by Chinese ones. China patterned technology upon Germans. The quality of equipment and materials is good,” Koshman said.

At present, ways are being worked out to involve China in solving the problem of accessible housing in Russia, he said.

“This agreement has been reached at the level of the leadership of both countries. We propose to buy equipment in China and open construction materials plants. In our view, if we build 12 plants with the capacity of from 500,000 cubic metres of concrete and more, in two years this will allow us to bring into service additional 25 million square metres of housing every year,” Koshman said.