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Deathtoll of snowfalls and cold weather in the US grows to 10

Several highways were closed, van drivers had to wait for 30 hours for help

NEW-YORK, November, 21. /TASS/. The number of killed due to cold weather and snow storms in northern states of the US rised to at least 10 people, CNN reported. The last two victims of the snow storms were citizens of Buffalo suffering from mental disorder. They died from hypothermia.

Heavy snowfalls this week led to roads closure, public services work disruption and traffic jams. However, the residents of Buffalo were affected the most. The snow height reached 2 meters in some places.

The snow blocked the doors and windows of some houses, so that they had to be literary dug from the snowbanks. 

About 150 vehicles including the women’s volleyball team bus got stuck in the snow. The drivers of vans had to wait for help for about 30 hours. 

The National Football League cancelled the Sunday match between Buffalo Bills and New York Jets due to snowfalls, because the Ralph Wilson stadium, where the match was supposed to take place, was covered with 220 thousand tons of snow, and the forecasters predict the snowfalls will not stop the next days.