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Russian, Belarusian tactical weapons plans triggered by London’s policy — EP member

According to Thierry Mariani, at least several countries of the alliance "constantly add fuel to the fire"

PARIS, March 28. /TASS/. The agreement between Moscow and Minsk to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus is a response to the irresponsible policy of London, which is going to provide depleted-uranium ammunition to Kiev, Thierry Mariani, a member of the European Parliament from France, told TASS on Monday.

"The UK's decision to provide depleted-uranium shells to Kiev opens a new stage of escalation," he said in an interview. "I consider the agreements between Moscow and Minsk on the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus a reaction to this irresponsible decision by London."

The French lawmaker noted that "shells with depleted uranium are more destructive than conventional munitions." He also said that "NATO forces have long deployed nuclear weapons near the borders of Russia."

"I am concerned about the desire for escalation on the part of some NATO countries," the lawmaker said. According to Mariani, at least several countries of the alliance "constantly add fuel to the fire."

"This is primarily the UK and Poland, as well as the Baltic countries," he said.

He pointed to a recent statement by the Polish ambassador to France that Warsaw would enter the Ukrainian conflict in the event of Kiev's defeat. This would provoke the participation of some other countries of the alliance, Mariani said.

"The UK also seeks to contribute to the escalation, which is in line with the traditions of its foreign policy. For four centuries, London has been trying to split the European continent and has always supported European territorial conflicts," the lawmaker said.