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Russian bulk carrier delivers 475 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Syria

Deputy commander of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria said this volume would be enough for the next few months

TARTUS /Syria/, December 17. /TASS/. The motor ship Sparta carrying 475 tonnes of humanitarian aid for the war-torn regions of Syria arrived at the logistics center of the Russian Navy in Tartus, Viktor Alekseev, deputy commander of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria, told reporters.

"Right now we can observe the unloading of a bulk carrier that arrived with food for the population of the Syrian Arab Republic. It received 475 tonnes of food for humanitarian purposes, which is currently being unloaded and put into storage. This volume will be enough for the next few months," Alekseev said.

The distribution of humanitarian aid is handled by the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Parties in Syria, which has representative offices in all Syrian provinces. One of the tasks of the center is to provide targeted assistance to those who need it most. As a rule, these are the families of the killed Syrian military personnel, large and poor families who have lost their breadwinners, residents of the war-stricken settlements and refugees.

Last November, Syrian citizens received about 140 tonnes of food. During five years of the war conflict, 4,500 tonnes of humanitarian aid were delivered to Syria.