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Moscow man fined for driving Batmobile around downtown

The man turned out to be a 63-year-old resident of Moscow

MOSCOW, November 22. /TASS/. A 63-year-old man faces a fine of 1,000 rubles ($11) after taking a joyride in a Batmobile around downtown Moscow, traffic police reported.

"Moscow’s Directorate for Traffic Safety studied a video recording posted on a certain Telegram channel, where the man can be seen driving a three-wheeled vehicle along Smolenskaya Square and hindering the movement of other cars. During the administrative investigation the identity of the driver was established - he turned out to be a 63-year-old resident of Moscow," the press service said.

The police added that a traffic citation under Part 1 of Article 12.30 of Russia’s Administrative Code ("VIolation of Traffic Rules by a Traffic Participant (Except the Driver of the Vehicle), Which Resulted in Interference With the Movement of Vehicles) was drawn up regarding the driver. The violator faces a fine of 1,000 rubles ($11). According to photos posted by the capital's Directorate for Traffic Safety, the three-wheeled vehicle has a bat logo on it, and its shape resembles the car driven by comic book hero Batman.