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Coronavirus cases in Russia rise by 1,154 over past day

Eleven patients have died

MOSCOW, April 7. /TASS/. The number of coronavirus cases in Russia has risen by 1,154 over the past day, reaching nearly 7,500 in 81 regions, the anti-coronavirus crisis center reported on Tuesday.

As of now, 494 people have recovered and 58 people have died of the coronavirus.

"A total of 7,497 coronavirus cases have been registered today in 81 regions in the Russian Federation. Over the past day, 88 people have been discharged after recovering. To date, 494 people have recovered. Eleven patients have died over the past day and 58 over the entire period in Russia," the crisis center said.

Only four Russian regions - the Nenets Autonomous Region, Tuva and Altai Republics and Chukotka - have not recorded the coronavirus cases so far, according to the report.