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LP opens up on emotional connection with Russian audience

n the spring, the singer will put on concerts in 11 Russian cities

MOSCOW, February 19. /TASS/. Laura Pergolizzi, a.k.a. LP, a popular American singer of Italian origin, believes that her Russian audience feels "emotionally connected" to her music.

In an interview with TASS ahead of her concerts in Russia, the singer explained the popularity of her songs among Russian listeners as follows:

"I hope it is because they feel commented emotionally," she said.

"A couple of Russian friends of mine told me that my music reminds them of old Russian music from back and back a long time ago. I don’t know that's the truth. But I think that they are connected. It is genuine. I hope so," the singer added.

LP, who visited Russia before said that she likes the people here and the Russian cuisine.

When asked if she sang with any Russian singers before, and if she would like to collaborate with them in the future, LP said:

"Not yet, but I would, completely, absolutely."

In the spring, the singer will put on concerts in 11 Russian cities. Her Russian tour kicks off on March 20 in Vladivostok. After that the singer will head to Irkutsk to perform there on March 22, the on to Krasnoyarsk (March 24), Novosibirsk (March 26), and Yekaterinburg (March 28).

In St. Petersburg, LP will take the stage at the A2 Green Concert Club on March 30. She will also visit Russia’s south playing concerts in Krasnodar on April 1, in Rostov-on-Don on April 3, in Volgograd on April 5, in Voronezh on April 7.

The Russian tour will end on April 9 at Moscow's Crocus City Hall.

Laura Pergolizzi is a singer songwriter performing in such genres as indie-rock and pop-rock. Before embarking on her solo career, she wrote songs for Rhianna, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys and other top stars. She became world famous after the release of her album Lost on You (2016). To date the singer has five studio albums. Her latest one - Heart to Mouth - was released in December 2018.