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Russia allocates about $21 million to buy trucks for UN World Food Program

MOSCOW, January 28. /ITAR-TASS/. Russian government decided to allocate around 730 million rubles ($21 million) to buy KamAZ trucks that will be handed over as Russia’s natural fee to the United Nations World Food Program, a government resolution signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and posted at the government’s official website on Tuesday said.

Russia allots an additional $1.6 million as a target fee in the U.N. World Food Program to develop logistical potential, including integration of trucks KamAZ in regional truck fleets of the global humanitarian body.

The government resolution is drafted by the country’s Finance Ministry fulfilling the Russian presidential instruction to implement the U.N. World Food Program project to replenish the truck fleet used for transportation of relief supplies.

“The decisions will promote shaping and fomenting of Russia’s positive image as a responsible, predictable and highly technological partner, promotion and strengthening of the leading domestic car brand on international markets, establishment of Russian technology as a weighty component of operative logistical potential of the U.N. World Food Program and expansion of the scope of trends in Russian cooperation with international humanitarian organizations within the United Nations Organization,” explanatory documents to the government resolution said.