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Russia will not use drones on scale as massive as other countries

Putin: this isn’t a game; the drones are serious combat machines

SOCHI, November 28, 17:25 /ITAR-TASS/. Russia will not be using drones to the extent other countries use them “because this isn’t a computer game”, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday at a conference devoted to the problems faced by the Russian Air Force.

“Drones are being used on an increasingly bigger scale across the world now but we won’t use them as massively as others do,” Putin said. “This isn’t a game, a computer game. The drones are serious combat machines, used both for delivering strikes and for doing reconnaissance and it’s quite obvious that they have good prospects.”

He said that the Armed Forces received 86 jets and more than a hundred helicopters in 2013 as part of steps envisioned in the State Defense Order and the plan for next year features 120 jets and 90 helicopters.

By 2020, the Russian Air Force will get almost 1,600 units of armaments and the share of newest aircraft technologies commissioned by the troops will thus to up to 70%, he said.