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Rosenergoatom official says Zaporozhye NPP has to deal with daily cyberattacks

"They still have a violent takeover of the station on their agenda," Renat Karchaa said

ENERGODAR, June 16. /TASS/. Every day, the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant (ZNPP) has to deal with cyberattacks, an adviser to the director general of Russia’s Rosenergoatom nuclear power engineering company has said.

"Every day, networks of the Rosenergoatom concern, of the Rosatom state corporation and of the plant’s operating company, JSC Zaporozhye NPP, are subjected to powerful DDoS attacks," Renat Karchaa told reporters during a visit of the Inenational Atomic Energy Agency’s delegation to the nuclear facility on Thursday.

He said that those actions on the part of the Kiev government once again illustrate its reluctance in maintaining nuclear security at the plant, adding that Ukraine continues "cyber warfare, shelling attacks, [and] psychological pressure on the station’s crew."

"They still have a violent takeover of the station on their agenda, but keep talking about nuclear security. That does not fit into my understanding of a logical approach," the Russian official added.