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Chechen leader shoots down ‘falsehoods’ of losses near Lisichansk

Ramzan Kadyrov noted that Chechen troops are currently preparing "surprises" for the adversary

GROZNY, November 8. /TASS/. Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that not a single Chechen fighter was killed in the vicinity of Lisichansk and information about hundreds of casualties was false.

"The enemy’s propaganda channels are lying so much that they are making up fairy tales out of thin air. Now they are writing about hundreds of dead Chechen fighters near Lisichansk. I don’t even want to comment on such falsehoods but I guess, I have to. At least to reassure all sane and concerned people. I am declaring that this is not true. Not a single fighter of ours was killed in the aforementioned area," he wrote on his Telegram channel.

Kadyrov noted that Chechen troops are currently preparing "surprises" for the adversary.

"Those who follow my statements know perfectly well that such announcements are quickly followed by results. Everybody recalls our recent Vozmezdie (Retribution) operation, in one day alone we eliminated over 600 Bandera adherents. According to our information, Ukraine’s armed forces are completely drained and out of steam. The West sees this and replenishes their ranks with mercenaries. Go ahead. Our guys are only happy to obtain new expensive trophies," he added.

The Chechen leader also addressed Russia’s Muslims asking them to unite and enter the battle against the Ukrainian army.

Earlier on Tuesday, Ukrainian media reports on losses among Chechen units were refuted by commander of the Ahmat commando unit and Deputy Commander of the 2nd Army Corps of LPR People’s Militia Apty Alaudinov.