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Putin calls for extensive UN reform with broad consensus

Moscow backs the idea of UN reform, Putin says

MOSCOW, October 3. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow backs the idea of UN reform and its adaptation to the modern day demands, but these should be quality changes.

"Russia is committed to the tasks of increasing efficiency of the United Nations Organization, we support its reforms and adaptation to the modern day demands," Putin told a presentation of credentials ceremony by ambassadors.

"We believe it is important that any quality changes in the organization’s work should be well-thought and should be carried out if not with the agreement of all, but with a broad consensus of the global community participants," Putin stressed.

Putin recalled that at the recent session of the UN General Assembly there were concerns over the growing number of challenges and threats, which the international community is facing.

"Under these circumstances, the UN remains a guarantor of stability and predictability in international affairs, and its universal character is not in doubt," he said.

The Russian leader believes that "the priority for all countries should be absolute respect for the rule of law and the authority of the UN Security Council as a structure that has major responsibility for maintaining international peace and security.

The president noted that "the UN should pay special attention to solving regional conflicts, ensuring their steady, lasting and long-term settlement." "Russia will make its contribution to these efforts, in particular in Syria," he stressed.