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Putin: Russia firmly follows international law, stands for leading role of United Nations

According to the president, Moscow does not impose its will on other countries

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. Russia firmly follows international law and stands for the leading role of the United Nations, President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

According to the president, Moscow does not impose its will on other countries.

"Russia is carrying out an independent and self-sufficient foreign policy and seeks to build an open and fair cooperation with all the countries in the West, in the East, in the South and in the North and calls for the development of mutually beneficial and constructive ties in various areas," Putin said at the meeting with ambassadors.

Moscow "does not impose its will and values on anyone and firmly observes the norms of international law and consistently defends the key role of the United Nations, the Security Council in solving global and regional problems," he stressed.

The world is far from being stable now and is becoming less and less predictable, the Russian leader said. "All spheres of international relations undergo serious changes and rivalry for influence and resources increases," he said. "At the same time there is the clash of various approaches to how the mechanisms of global management in the 21th century should be built," he said.

"Someone is attempting to cast away any rules and any conventions," Putin stressed.

"All this impedes efficient and multilateral efforts on settling the crisis situations and provokes new and new hotbeds of tension," he said, adding that a "conflict potential is growing."

Putin stressed that Russia guarantees its safety and the security of its citizens and is always ready to protect itself.

"Also, no one can expect our weakness. We’ll always be ready to reliably protect ourselves," he said.

According to the president, Russia stands for ensuring integral and indivisible world security that will make it possible to avoid uncontrollable events in the international scene.

Risks in the field of security around the world are not easing, but multiplying and engulfing ever more regions, he said.

"I am certain that avoiding dangerous disruptions and uncontrollable development of the situation will be possible only on the basis of a dialog and interaction," Putin said. In his opinion the international community should move forward towards a fairer world order, based on the principles of integral and indivisible security and collective responsibility."

"It is obvious that the world is getting ever more inter-dependent and the challenges to all states are largely common," Putin said, adding that this "truth needs no proof."

He emphasized the idea that cooperation among countries, "common will and the readiness to forge compromises should become the clue to addressing any, most complicated problems, whatever point on the globe may emerge at."

The Russian president has also dwelled upon the growing terrorist threat in the world.

"The terrorist threat has increased manyfold and reached the level of a major challenge to the international security," Putin said.

The growth of terrorism and extremism and the emergence of the Islamic State terrorist group result from the irresponsible policy of using brutal force and the bright examples of this were the invasion of Iraq and the military intervention in Libya, he reminded.

The president said terrorists seek to take advantage of "the results of awkward experiments on exporting democracy in the region of the Middle East and North Africa."

"Yes, terrorists do not possess all modern military technical means so far," he stressed. "They have already put our hands to chemical weapons. Their actions are far beyond one region and it is difficult to predict where new major blows can be expected."