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Pope watched Putin's interview with Tucker Carlson, head of Old Believers' Union says

"The Pope urges the West to listen to Putin and start negotiations with Russia without any preconditions," Leonid Sevastyanov stressed

MOSCOW, February 9. /TASS/. Pope Francis watched Russian President Vladimir Putin's interview with US journalist Tucker Carlson, and the pontiff was pleased to hear that the president was ready for a diplomatic solution in the conflict in Ukraine, Leonid Sevastyanov, chairman of the World Union of Old Believers (WSU), told TASS, citing his conversation with the pontiff.

"Pope Francis watched the interview. He welcomes Vladimir Putin's position of readiness for negotiations and understands the Russian leader's concerns about the country's security. The Pope urges the West to listen to Putin and start negotiations with Russia without any preconditions; all terms should be discussed at the negotiating table. We can achieve the desired results only through talks," Sevastyanov said.

According to him, the pontiff read into Putin's words that he wants to build a common safe world for everyone. In addition, the pontiff recalled that he was ready to host negotiations at the Vatican.

Putin said in his interview with Tucker Carlson that Russia does not refuse to negotiate with Kiev, responding in the affirmative to the journalist's question about Moscow's readiness to seek negotiated solutions on Ukraine. Also, the Russian president recalled that it was Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky who issued a decree banning negotiations with Russia. According to him, the Ukrainian leadership refused to negotiate with Russia under orders from Washington, a mistake the US authorities should clear up themselves.