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Lavrov lauds Fidel Castro’s contribution to modern fair world order

Lavrov also recalled that Russia and Cuba are "closest associates" at the United Nations

MOSCOW, November 24. /TASS/. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has praised the contribution of Fidel Castro, who died in 2016, to a modern fair world order.

"We meet regularly, as it is useful to maintain our special relationship," he said at talks with Cuban Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas on Wednesday.

"Cuba and Russia enjoy very sincere, cordial and human relations. Today, a day before the fifth anniversary of Fidel Castro’s passing, we cannot but remember his contribution to our strategic ties. Certainly, his legacy is not just about our bilateral relations, but also about the principled approaches to organizing a new, fair world order, not only in Latin America and the Caribbean, but all over the world."

Lavrov recalled that Russia and Cuba are "closest associates" at the United Nations.

"We coordinate our international actions, which was proven today at another meeting with Bruno Rodriguez, a colleague of mine at the UN General Assembly. Today we have another great chance to see how we are getting ahead in the areas designated by our leaders as priorities," the Russian foreign minister added.

Cabrisas thanked Lavrov for his tribute to Castro’s role in the relationship between Moscow and Havana.

"We unswervingly emulate his legacy both in international and bilateral relations. We are also aware of his practical lifelong contribution in all platforms to developing and strengthening [relations] between you and us," he said. "Tomorrow we are paying tribute to Fidel Castro on the fifth anniversary [of his death] in the square named after him in Moscow.".