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US’s political correctness taken to absurdity not to end well, says Lavrov

He noted that the US seeks to spread this approach across the entire world

MOSCOW, April 1. /TASS/. Political correctness taken to absurdity, displayed by the US today, won’t end well, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview Thursday.

"Hollywood changes its rules now, too, so that everything reflects the diversity of modern society, which is likewise a form of censorship, which stifles art and imposes various artificial restrictions and demands. I saw black people playing in Shakespeare’s comedies. I don’t know when we will have a white Othello," he said. "You see, that’s absurdity. Political correctness pushed to such absurdity won’t end well."

Commenting on the ongoing rethinking of culture in the US, the Minister noted that processes indeed take place there that "deserve to be described this way."

"Probably, everyone wants to get rid of racism, and we never doubted that. We were the pioneers of the movement for equal rights of people of any skin color. But there is a risk of reaching the other extremity, what we observed during the BLM events and the aggression displayed against  white people, white US citizens," he noted.

Lavrov noted that the US seeks to spread this approach across the entire world.

"They have colossal capabilities for that," he added.

According to the Russian top diplomat, an international day, dedicated to this issue, took place recently, and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said before the General Assembly that the past year was a year of numerous and severe displays of white "supremacy."

"I requested a full text of his speech. I would like to understand what exactly he meant," Lavrov continued.

The top diplomat underscored that, if this is simply a desire to be "trending," then this is regrettable.

"This is the United Nations Organization, not the Organization Promoting American concepts, or American trends," the diplomatic chief noted.