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Ambassador hails Russian-Israeli coordination mechanism on Syria

The Russian ambassador to Israel praises cooperation on Syria

TEL AVIV, April 25. /TASS/. The coordination mechanism on Syria established by the Russian and Israeli militaries, has been operating smoothly and not a single incident has happened so far, Russian Ambassador to Israel Alexander Shein said in an interview with the Ynet news outlet.

"We have a mechanism for coordinating our activities and provide information to each other as far as Syrian developments go, which involves the two countries’ defense ministries," the ambassador said, adding that "there hasn’t been a single incident so far."

Shein added that Russia always took Israel’s security interests and concerns into consideration. He said that Moscow, in turn, was concerned over the current state of relations between Israel and Iran, as the two countries continued to make accusations against one another. The Russian ambassador pointed out that Moscow could not but be worried over tensions between Iran and Israel as both were present in Syria and their disagreements could destabilize the situation in the Middle East.

Israel insists that it does not support any of the parties to the Syrian conflict. It also does not take part in talks on resolving the Syria issue. At the same time, according to foreign media, Israeli air force carries out air strikes on the Syrian territory on a regular basis. In the autumn on 2015, Russian and Israel established a deconfliction mechanism in order to avoid collisions in Syrian airspace. In this regard, the Israeli General Staff set up a special coordination center.