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Putin says Russian economy not shifting to wartime track

All sectors of the economy are interconnected, the Russian president noted

MOSCOW, April 4. /TASS/. Russia is not moving to a wartime economy despite all the current challenges as the situation is stable, President Vladimir Putin said at the 12th congress of the Russian Federation of Independent Trade-Unions.

"Despite all the current difficulties, we are not transferring the economy to a wartime regime. It’s not happening," the head of state said.

"Yes, we are focusing efforts, concentrating administrative and financial resources to develop defense sectors of production," Putin continued. "[But] we are not shifting the economy <…> to a war track," he stressed, adding that everything is "sufficiently balanced" at this point.

All sectors of the economy are interconnected, Putin noted. The defense industry is closely linked to other sectors of production and the rise in the level of salaries related to increased purchasing power of the population influences the light industry, the food industry, and agriculture. "All these things are intertwined," he concluded.