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Pressure from unfriendly states ‘practically an aggression,’ Putin says

The measures taken by the government in current conditions were also mentioned

MOSCOW, May 27. /TASS/. Pressure from unfriendly is "practically an aggression," Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday.

"Advantages of the integration course are particularly obvious now, in the current difficult international situation, amid practically an aggression from some unfriendly states," the head of state said during the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council that takes place via video conference.

"We are all convinced that tighter integration will make our countries stronger economically and to significantly reduce or dependence on external conjuncture, including the political one," Putin underscored.

The head of state told about the measures being taken by the government in current conditions. According to Putin, "the cabinet is making timely decisions for stable functioning of the markets and the financial sector, pays great attention to supporting key industries and systemically important enterprises; the administrative load has been reduced significantly to ensure maximum freedom of business."

"We are also working on making funding more accessible for replenishment of the working capital, for supporting bank liquidity. To that extent, we expand the practice of trading in national currencies with states that have proved with action that they are Russia’s reliable partners," Putin said, adding that "the share of payments in national currencies in mutual trading between EAEU states has already reached 75%."