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Russian forces destroy over 5,900 mercenaries fighting for Ukrainian army — ministry

Among them are residents of Europe, Asia, the countries of North and South America, as well as Africa

MOSCOW, January 4. /TASS/. Russian troops have destroyed more than 5,900 mercenaries, who took part in fighting in the ranks of the Ukrainian armed forces, the Russian Defense Ministry said in an annual digest of the Russian Armed Forces’ activities in 2023.

"In total, more than 13,500 mercenaries have arrived in Ukraine. Among them were more than 8,500 from Europe, more than 1,700 from Asia, more than 2,700 from North and South America, and more than 220 from Africa. Of these, Russian forces have eliminated more than 5,900, more than 5,600 have fled, and more than 1,900 are still fighting," the report said.

In addition, the report said that Ukraine receives aid from 54 countries and that more than $203 billion has been spent on its support.

"More than 500 spacecraft of the United States and NATO members operate for the needs of the Ukrainian armed forces. Among them are over 70 military reconnaissance [spacecraft] and the remaining are commercial. More than 20,000 terminals of the Starlink satellite internet constellation operate for the control and communications organization," the digest said.

According to the Defense Ministry, foreign countries provided the Ukrainian armed forces with more than 1,600 missiles and artillery munitions, more than 200 air defense missile systems, more than 5,220 armored vehicles, and more than 23,000 drones.