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Black Sea Fleet’s naval police hold first drills to protect Crimean coast from saboteurs

The Black Sea Fleet set up its naval police units in early 2019

MOSCOW, November 21. /TASS/. The personnel of the Black Sea Fleet’s new naval police unit held its first special drills in Crimea to protect the coastline against an attack by a notional enemy’s subversive group, the Fleet’s press office reported on Thursday.

"Under the drills’ scenario, during an operation to load military hardware onto an amphibious assault ship at a Sevastopol bay, saboteurs made an attempt to approach the ship from the sea using fast-speed craft to inflict damage on the personnel and the assault force’s military equipment and to degrade the warship," the press office said.

The naval police blocked the notional saboteurs at sea, without letting them land onto the coast and seized the attackers. The drills involved the latest BL-680 fast-speed boats and small arms that had arrived for the new unit, the press office added.

BTR-82A armored personnel carriers, Kamaz army trucks, Rys light armored vehicles, a mock-up of a large amphibious assault ship, BL-680 fast-speed boats and more than 100 personnel from military police units took part in the drills.

The Black Sea Fleet set up its naval police units in early 2019.