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Tests of hypersonic missile Tsirkon to be completed within deadline, designer says

Intensive work is underway, the CEO of the Tactical Missiles Corporation said

ZHUKOVSKY, August 29. /TASS/. Tests of Russia’s hypersonic anti-ship missile Tsirkon are well underway and will be completed within the deadlines agreed with the customer, the CEO of the Tactical Missiles Corporation, Boris Obnosov, told the media at the international aerospace show MAKS-2019 on Thursday.

"Intensive work is underway. It will be completed within the deadline agreed with the customer," Obnosov said without mentioning any dates.

He added it was too early to speculate about the possibility of creating a Tsirkon version for strikes against targets on the ground. The ship-borne configuration of the missile must be finalized first.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his message to the Federal Assembly on February 20 that Russia’s newest hypersonic missile Tsirkon was capable of flying at a speed of Mach 9. Its range can exceed 1,000 kilometers and eliminate both naval and ground targets. It can be fired from ships and submarines already in service or being built for the missile systems Kalibr.