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Poll shows 85% of Ukrainians believe country gripped by chaos

Only 21% of those surveyed think that the country is evolving

KIEV, June 14. /TASS/. The vast majority of Ukrainians believe their county to be in a state of chaos, the Rating pollster group said in a statement on Wednesday.

"As many as 85% of those polled agree that Ukraine is currently in a state of chaos, while 75% believe that the country is in decline and 44% of respondents agree that some changes are underway," the statement reads. At the same time, only 21% of those surveyed think that the country is evolving, while 17% believe that consolidation is being achieved.

According to the pollster, most Ukrainians said their financial situation had worsened in the past year, while more than 60% of those polled said they were unable to pay utility bills. A total of 97% said they had been affected by growing prices.

As many as 65% of respondents believe that the current authorities’ incompetence and corruption are the main reasons for the difficult social and economic situation in the country. At the same time, 54% pointed to the military activities in southeast Ukraine and 31% mentioned the inability of the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) to adopt the laws that the country needed.

Mass protests possible

As many as 70% of those surveyed believe that the current situation in Ukraine may lead to mass nationwide protests, while nearly 40% said they were ready to take part in protests.

Most Ukrainians (52%) say they will welcome the parliament's dissolution, as well as new parliamentary election and a special presidential election.

Timoshenko would win

The pollster said that if parliamentary election was conducted next Sunday, 13.2% of those ready to vote would support the Batkivshchyna party headed by former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko, while Pyotr Poroshenko Bloc would receive 11.3% of the vote, the Opposition Bloc would garner 10.4% and the Radical Party would gain 8.9%.

Yulia Timoshenko has proved to be the most popular leader as 15.2% of those polled are ready to support her in the next presidential election, while Pyotr Poroshenko would get 11.6% of the vote.

The poll, involving 2,000 respondents, was conducted on May 19-25. The margin of error does not exceed 2%.