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Remembrance service for Prince Dimitri Romanov held at Russian church in Copenhagen

The oldest relative of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II died on the evening of December 31

COPENHAGEN, January 10. /TASS/. A remembrance service for Prince Dimitri Romanov, the oldest relative of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II, was held on Tuesday at Saint Alexander Nevsky Church in Danish capital Copenhagen.

The 90-year-old prince was taken to a hospital in Denmark last week suffering from serious health problems. He died on the evening of December 31.

Numerous representatives of the Russian diaspora, as well as Danish officials came to the church to bid final farewell to the late prince. The requiem service was led by the head priest of the church, Father Sergius.

Russian Ambassador to Denmark Mikhail Vanin read out a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin. "The President of the Romanov Family Association, he maintained indissoluble spiritual ties with his Homeland throughout his life. He made a huge contribution to spreading abroad knowledge about our country’s history and culture, about the heritage and traditions of the Russian Imperial House," the message said about Prince Dimitri Romanov.

"Throughout all the recent years, the thoughts and deeds of Dimitri Romanovich were with Russia," his widow Princess Theodora said.

Dimitri Romanov was born on May 17, 1926, in Cap d'Antibes, France, where his parents lived in emigration. He was a direct descendant of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II, as his father, Roman Petrovich Romanov, was the Emperor’s second cousin and godson.

A historian and a writer, Prince Dimitri lived in Denmark for the recent years where he headed a Romanov family’s charity foundation aimed at helping Russian hospitals and orphan homes.

Dimitri Romanov has visited Russia many times over recent years. In 2015, he went to Crimea for the first time after its reunification with Russia. "Crimea is Russian again, that is the most important thing for us," he said adding that many of his relatives’ lives were connected to this Russian region.

In early October 2016, the eldest member of the Romanov family was bestowed with the Order of St. Alexander, a major state award. Russian President Vladimir Putin granted him the Order for his great contribution to the spread of the knowledge of Russia’s historical and cultural heritage abroad.

In October 2016, he came to Moscow for the last time to receive the Order of St. Alexander.