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Syrian police say militants shell peaceful districts of Aleppo, victims reported

The shelling took the lives of four civilians and left another twenty-four wounded

BEIRUT, August 23. /TASS/. Militants of the armed Syrian opposition on Monday delivered fire from salvo systems at the peaceful districts of Aleppo protected by units of the Syrian Armed Forces, SANA news agency said quoting a spokesman for the police department.

The shells fell mostly on Hamdaniya and Salah al-Din districts, as well as on the western suburban area of Al-Zahraa.

The shelling took the lives of four civilians and left another twenty-four wounded.

As of July 31 when the militants’ combat activity surged anew in Aleppo, as many as 198 civilians have been killed and 834 have been wounded.

The militants are seeking to disrupt the humanitarian operation the Russian center for reconciliation of the warring sides launched in Aleppo on July 28 in cooperation with the Syrian governmental agencies.

On Monday, the Syrian army took two strategic heights on the southern and southwestern outskirts of the city and blocked the passage through Al-Ramousa suburban neighborhood, which the militants used to get to the eastern districts of the city.

The army artillery delivered strikes at the rear bases of the jihadis from Jaish al-Fatah coalition.

Al-Manar news channel said dozens of militants were killed in the townships of Al-Qurasi and al-Is on the southern approaches to the city.

Warehouses, vehicles and several armored vehicles operated by the grouping were destroyed.